Does Switch Have an Indie and Big Game Problem? – Nintendo Direct Rant

With this latest Nintendo Direct some are asking “This is cool, but where are the big fun games?” That’s an interesting question and one I want to dig into with this rant!

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Nintendo held a Nindies showcase to show off a number of independent games coming to the Switch for the rest of this year into 2019. Games that had previously been announced for the console — Hyper Light Drifter, for example — were given release dates, while still a handful of titles were both revealed and dated. Into the Breach, for example, from the developers behind FTL, was both announced and given a release date of… well… today.

The stream culminated with Nintendo announcing a news channel for the Switch the company will use to highlight its growing library of independent games. Here’s what you need to know from the event. What wasnt show was bigger more triple A projects. Obviously this was a Nintendo direct focusing on small stuff but it has been awhile since we saw a truly mind blowing title like Metroid Prime 4, new Super Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay, or something on the same level as Super Mario Odyssey or Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild. At least we got The Messenger this week and it’s great.

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