Build Boats & Sail Through Crazy Storms! | MAKE SAIL gameplay (PC early access game)

Make Sail gameplay! We see how to build boats from simple pieces, then sail through storms to locate new pieces in this let’s play Make Sail game video.
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TECHNICAL NOTE: Colours & contrast in video aren’t accurate due to original footage capturing too darkly, requiring correction.

See how Make Sail gameplay mixes simple building (using modular pieces and an easy snap-to system) with sailing adventures on an ocean with complex wind systems, strange creatures and treasure islands.

Find blueprints & new boat pieces to help you build bigger, better boats – but watch out for storms!

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Official Make Sail gameplay info:

“Make boats and sail them. Survive an ocean of storms and beasts to find better pieces to make your ship bigger, faster stronger, prettier, stranger, wilder: more yours.”

Developed by: Popcannibal
Version playeed: Pre-release
Make Sail release date: 30 March 2018
Formats available: PC Windows, Mac OSX, SteamOS + Linux

Official site:


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