Bravium | Indie Game Review | Part 1 Intro | Gameplay Walkthrough

Bravium | Indie Game Review | Part 1 Intro | Gameplay Walkthrough. Today I will be posting a new ( Hovac One Indie game every Friday ) with hours of gameplay showing all the features and mechanics of this game and reviewing it with you bros, and giving it our final verdict to Buy Or Avoid.

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About The Game:

Bravium is an epic Hero Defense adventure RPG. Equip your heroes with mighty weapons and items, control powerful magic spells. And don’t forget about the cabbages.

Choose your Hero
Mighty Barbarian and cunning Sorceress joining the battle. Each hero has the unique skill set and preferred tactics.

Together you’ll face vicious enemies, tremendous bosses and uncover mysterious cabbage secrets.

Buy weapons
Every fight will start with the simplest weapon equipped. Earn gold for the kills to buy a more powerful weapon to kill more enemies to buy an even more powerful weapon.

Craft any stuff
If it doesn’t enough, you can use a secret alchemy lab, where any kinds of potions, mushrooms and doomsday devices available for crafting.

Face your personal heroic adventure in a dangerously beautiful world of Bravium.

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