BEST INDIE GAME (Inside Part -1) 1080p HD

Playdead’s Inside Full Walkthrough (Makers of LIMBO)

INSIDE Gameplay Walkthrough (PC)

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Inside brings back some old familiar feelings…

The visuals are breathtaking. The game has a sort of magic to it that simultaneously makes if feel like fantasy and reality. The subtle soundtrack hits at all the right moments. They have an uncanny knack of sneaking in the original score and really enhancing certain sections in the game.

The main crust of the game-play, the puzzles, are stellar. They kept surprising me in their complexity, especially considering that there are only two action buttons: jump and grab. Much like LIMBO, the only real thing that bothered me was the overall conclusion to the “story.” I wish they would provide more closure to their games. Let me know what you guys think of the game!

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