10 BEST INDIE GAMES OF 2018… so far! (January-June 2018)

The 10 best indie games from the first half of 2018! InnerSpace, Into The Breach, Subnautica & more in our top 10 indie games 2018.
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We look at our 10 best indie games released between January and June 2018, presented in alphabetical order.

All full releases with no early access titles, these games are our favourite indie titles: Cultist Simulator, FAR Lone Sails, Innerspace, Into the Breach, Jalopy, Smoke and Sacrifice, Subnautica, Swords of Ditto, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Yoku’s Island Express.

Disclaimer: If RimWorld 1.0 comes out in the last week of June, then OOPS.


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